Curriculum Information

As Hose School, teaching and learning is based on the National Curriculum (2014).  Staff make use of this document and other statutory publications to plan a varied and stimulating programme of study which meets the needs of all our children.  Each subject has its own policy document.  

The following subjects are covered in our curriculum:









Art and Design

Design and Technology

Citizenship and PSHE



Details of the curriculum to be followed for each term are published in a class newsletter which also appears on the school website.  Parents and carers are encouraged to support their children's work in school by helping with homework relating to the curriculum;  by sharing skills and artefacts and talking to children about their learning in the classroom.  All work is carefully planned, assessed and recorded to ensure a balanced curriculum for each child.

Teachers use a range of teaching styles and methods depending on the needs and ages of the children and the nature of the curriculum area to be taught.  Some subjects are taught separately whilst others are linked through cross curricular themes.  In addition to these  subjects, the Spititual, Moral, Social and Cultural needs of children are recognised.  Every effort is made to ensure that the school curriculum promotes these important aspects of life in the wider world and helps pupils to gain a growing understanding of British values.  Opportunities for pupils to gain a growing understanding of British values are incorporated.   Curriculum materials can be viewed in school on request.

Pupil progress is assessed against key elements of the subjects in the National Curriculum and is reported to parents at parents consultations and through written reports.  Due to recent national changes to assessment, the school is currently developing ways in which pupil progress can be measured effectively.

All children are encouraged to read at home, given spellings and are set other addtional tasks each week depending on their age.  Parents are encouraged to support their children and help them by completing homework diaries.

Religious Education:  All pupils take part in RE lessons which are based on the Leicester and Leicestershire Syllabus which is designed to develop pupil's knowledge and understanding of different faiths, including Christianity.  It encourages children to explore a range of 'big questions' relating to faith and spirituality.  Pupils take part in Collective Worship every day - this is Christian in nature as befits our position as a Church of England school.  Parents do have the right to withdraw their children from Collective Worship or RE but we would encourage parents to discuss this with the headteacher to gain further information.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities :  Where a special need exists, the education of the child is supported by the SENCO and other specialists who have responsibility for advising staff on appropriate methods for providing the curriculum entitlement.  Further information regarding the provision for pupils with SEND is under review following recent national changes to the SEND Code of Practice.  Our local offer will be published on the school website.

PE:  Both indoor and outdoor physical education lessons are planned for the three terms and include opportunities for gymnastics, dance, ball games and athletics.  In addition, sports coaches deliver lessons in more specialist sports such as Tri-Golf, Tennis and Lacrosse.  Children in Key Stages 1 and 2 take part in  block swimming lessons each year.  Children are encouraged to take part in after school sports clubs as well as inter-school football, netball and sports fixtures with neighbouring schools and at County level.

Sex and Relationships Education:  As Hose School this is taught within the framework of the National Curriculum.  We aim to help children, in partnership with families, to understand the physical and emotional challenges of growing up.  All teaching will encourage pupils to respect each other, themselves and to value family life as well the understanding that animals and humans change over time and reproduce.  More specific sex and relationships education is taught to Years 5 and 6.

Music:  All pupils in Yrs 3, 4, 5 and 6 play a musical instrument which enhances the teaching of the music curriculum.  This is arranged through Leicestershire Schools Music Service.  The children play performances at least twice a year in addition to other performing activities at other times.