Our Awards


Our school is a great place to be in, not just for children but for everyone who works here as well. This was confirmed when we were visited by the Investors in People assessor last September. We received a very favourable report. The summary section of the report  says …

The overriding strength of the school is that all who work in it, visit it, help it and govern it, operate as a team, as a focused and dedicated unit.

All are fully in tune with one another, and all strive to do the best by the school, its children – and each other.

The informality of systems and cultures, belies the obvious deep rooted belief of everyone, that the school's success comes from the ethos and principles embedded within the National Standard, and everyone appears to be deeply committed to ensuring these principles are met and maintained’.


The International School Award is an accreditation scheme for curriculum-based international work in schools.

The ISA scheme offers a framework within which to form and develop international partnerships and achieve curriculum goals.

We are very excited to receive this award after all the hard work we put in. We are now working towards the next level.

Healthy Schools

We have promoted healthy attitudes and lifestyles through the Healthy Schools initiative. The four main themes that have been covered are:

Physical activity 
Healthy Eating 
Emotional Health and Well being 
PSHE (Personal Social and Health Education)

We have promoted a healthy lifestyle in a variety of ways. The children have been closely involved in organising events and activities.  They have helped to devise policies, organise events, supporting healthy lunches etc.
We were visited by the Healthy Schools team in the summer term 2006. They spent a day looking at evidence, interviewing children and staff. The summary of the report which we received is very positive. It says:
‘The school has many strengths, and in particular:

A caring and nurturing ethos and environment which supports Emotional health and Well Being and the PSHE agenda.  The use of a ‘Creative curriculum’ and the sharing of this experience with other schools, evidence through displays and photographs was inspiring!

A strong sense of ownership and empowerment in the children we met was an indication of how their views are listened to and acted upon.

Hose CE Primary is an outstanding example of a Healthy School and is one of the first schools in the County to achieve the NEW national Healthy School Status.

We have now received further accreditation from 2010